Eduardo Escobar


Book cover for the book Insistencia en el Error and Website for Colombian writer Eduardo Escobar, one of the founders of the movement nadaista.  Nadaismo is an avant-garde artistic and literary movement, of national and global repercussion, which, influenced by French Existentialism, Surrealism, Dadaism, the Beat Generation, and other major artistic avant-garde movements, tried to break with literature, culture, and traditional morality.

Material de archivo

Part of the work to create the writer’s website, was to make a selection of texts and footage, photographic or voice material of both my father and the Nadaist movement. This required a thorough analysis of what I considered worth including, trying not to give in to preferences or sentimentalism because it was about my own father.

Poems do not belong to anyone:
poems happen to people, they invade them
and take over their mental field
without them being able to resist.
Some people do not even realize
that a poem begins to inhabit them
that they have been chosen to host a strange animal…

Eduardo Escobar
Excerpt, Insistencia en el Error