Wërapara chicas trans

– Posters
– Bilingual website
– Collage
– Social media content
– Press Kit

In the documentary “Wërapara chicas trans” by Claudia Fischer, I participated as a designer in various areas. From the design and development of the bilingual website to the creation of the press dossier, posters, and visual content for social media, including graphics, animations, and video editing. I worked to highlight the lives and construction process of transgender artisans from the Karmata Rúa community. Additionally, I prepared the seeding kit and materials for the premiere. It was an exciting experience to contribute to this inspiring project.

‘Always woman, turned into
the flower of the hummingbird,
Perfume with the scent of earth, clay woman,
Flower of the earth, trans girl, always woman,
With the sweet scent of a clay woman,
that is me’

Alexa Yagari


Social Media

Content creation, graphics, video editing, animations and copy for different social media channels.

Mabig Film Fest 00:41

Editing and graphics

Porto Femme International Film Festival 00:14

Graphics and development

Cooper Awards 00:58

Editing and graphics