Café Pepe Botella

– Menu Design
– Posters
– Social Media Content
– Blackboard Drawings
– Translations

This beautiful and renowned Café, which I frequently visited before I knew I was going to spend so many hours taking pictures there, wanted to make the leap to social media and promote its value as a place that has welcomed filmmakers and writers for decades for long gatherings.

For more than two years I worked at Pepe’s to attract and build customer loyalty creating content for their social channels, designing and translating their coffee and food menu, designing posters for special events and painting blackboards.


When I started this project, Adrián timidly pointed out that there were two boards in front of the bathroom and asked me to think of something to do with them. I decided I would draw a cocktail on one board and write a question on the other, a typical question that we all ask ourselves.  I left a few blank spaces in case someone wanted to write an answer. To my surprise the next day there were so many answers that there was no space left to write on the board.

For two years drawing on the other board became one of my favorite pastimes and was great for thinking.